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Day 7-9 – 05-07 Dec 2020 — Recap

A few days ago I finished the Lanes finding module and today I will briefly explain in this post what that was about, and share some of my thoughts regarding the topic.


I will attempt to list out A the necessary steps at a high level and detail as much as needed on the most important ones. I should start by stating that for this module, and probably for the subsequent ones too, the libraries I will use are NumPy and OpenCV. …

Day 6–04 Dec 2020 — Today’s not the day…

Yesterday I posted a very brief progress of the day. I will unfortunately have to do the same for today. So I would honestly not mind if you want to skip over this post. I know I said I will post all my findings in a more detailed manner today, but time was not my friend today. I will most surely do it tomorrow, as I will take a break. During which I will only focus on the blog, and light side research on the topic, no course materials.


Today I completed the Lanes Finding module. I can only say…

image of the interior of a tesla
image of the interior of a tesla

Day 5–03 Dec 2020 — We might be onto something here

Yesterday I talked about my brain pressing me to give up due to the lack of motivation. As stated in my previous post, it was only something temporary, and that I should not give into these sort of suggestions, which I didn’t


Today I made some really good progress with the concepts detailing the Lanes Finding algorithms. In short, I found the module so far incredibly interesting and resourceful. So far, with regards to image processing, I learnt about greyscale conversion, smoothening, edge detection, binary_and over two 2-dymensional arrays and Hough transform. …

Day 4–02 Dec 2020 — And it’s only day 4…

Yesterday, on my third day in this project, I finished up on the Python fundamentals. Today, according to plan, I took on and quite conveniently finished the NumPy module.


Not really much to say, the module had some really useful information in it. I am not ashamed to say that I would most probably forget half the information exercised in these past couple of days. And that is alright, I will not need it anyway until I can actually use it. I expect the concept to sediment when I get to writing up some machine learning code.

I learnt about…

Day 3–1st Dec 2020 —Finishing up on the basics

Yesterday I begun teaching myself core Python fundamental concepts (or as I liked to call it The abyss of boredom). As planned today was meant only to finish up the second part of that module.

For those of you who just pick up this post (first, you should check out the previous two ones Day 1 and Day 2) I am on my 30/60/90 day journey to make my car drive itself. To do this I will firstly start with a Udemy course on Self-driving cars. This course teaches some Python and NumPy fundamentals. …

image of the interior of a tesla, a self-driven car
image of the interior of a tesla, a self-driven car

Day 2–30th Nov 2020 — The abyss of boredom

Yesterday I decided to go plunge myself on a journey to turning my car into self-driving. I begun by laying out my thoughts, goals and requirements for successfully finishing the project. Over the past weekend I read some articles on this subject to familiarise myself with the level of difficulty, and the necessary resources needed.


After a few searches, I found there are quite a few courses online, expensive, cheap and free.

First and foremost, the famous Udacity and Coursera courses/specialisations, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds. I thought I’ll have to invest quite a bit only…

Day 1–29th Nov 2020 — The thoughts

Today 29th November 2020 I plan to embark on a journey with the bold goal of turning my car into self-driving automobile.
I have a Ford Fiesta 2013 model and I’ve been driving it for about 2.5 years. Today I decided I want to make it autonomous. Yes I know, it sounds bold, but I’ll be making sure that one way or another, that car will drive itself in 30/60/90 days.

Why though?

Mainly for two reasons:

1.Firstly this is not about wanting to not drive my car, or save time, or sleep while I commute, not at all. To understand why…

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