Day 5— My journey to learning how to turn my car into a self-driving automobile

Day 5–03 Dec 2020 — We might be onto something here

Yesterday I talked about my brain pressing me to give up due to the lack of motivation. As stated in my previous post, it was only something temporary, and that I should not give into these sort of suggestions, which I didn’t


Today I made some really good progress with the concepts detailing the Lanes Finding algorithms. In short, I found the module so far incredibly interesting and resourceful. So far, with regards to image processing, I learnt about greyscale conversion, smoothening, edge detection, binary_and over two 2-dymensional arrays and Hough transform. I gathered lots of useful information (that also helped me sediment the concepts) and I will present them in tomorrow’s post, as I believe it’s going to be a slightly longer post than usual.


All in all, I am really excited about this module, and about the entire course so far. The concepts in this module are complex and mildly challenging, but it really opens some new ways of thinking, in my opinion. Seeing how a series of mathematical calculations combined with a set of rules can output something other than the original image input, is something.


Today’s post was so short because I focused on truly understanding the contents presented and taking a bunch of notes for the blog. So I prepared some resources for the next post. I got half-way through the lanes detection module and tomorrow I will finish it and focus on a more elaborate post, elaborating some of the concepts learnt, in my best competence.




Programmer as a job, curious as a passion

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Iulian Oana

Iulian Oana

Programmer as a job, curious as a passion

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