Day 6— My journey to learning how to turn my car into a self-driving automobile

Day 6–04 Dec 2020 — Today’s not the day…

Yesterday I posted a very brief progress of the day. I will unfortunately have to do the same for today. So I would honestly not mind if you want to skip over this post. I know I said I will post all my findings in a more detailed manner today, but time was not my friend today. I will most surely do it tomorrow, as I will take a break. During which I will only focus on the blog, and light side research on the topic, no course materials.


Today I completed the Lanes Finding module. I can only say I haven’t learnt something this interesting and challenging in months. The mathematical calculations were not complex, after all, there was only one linear equation at core. But the implications of each variable from it, and the concept itself was mildly involved for me. Finishing this module feels rewarding to say the least. It was nothing to do with Machine Learning, I only learnt about different applications of NumPy and OpenCV libraries applications.


I promised my brain a break will come. Tomorrow I will take a break where I will write a more detailed blog post, and watch some more videos about the topic I just studied (for better understanding).

I enjoyed every minute of this module, the aha moments as well as the continuous frustrations with me not understanding the code to it’s deepest levels of detail. I took plenty of screenshots to help me document my progress, ultimately hopefully making it easier for someone that reads the post and plans on learning themselves.


Tomorrow, like stated already a couple of times, I will detail my entire progress and understanding as best I can, after completing the Lanes Detection module.

Sneak peek of the end result




Programmer as a job, curious as a passion

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Iulian Oana

Iulian Oana

Programmer as a job, curious as a passion

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